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Currently, I give trainings in project management, change facilitation and in collaboration. These can be « off-the-shelf » trainings or adapted to your needs. My trainings are given in French, Dutch or English.

Trainings are good … but limited in its effectiveness. This is why I prefer by far « Learning Journeys», a process tailored for your needs which aims to help integrating soft skills, not just learning them. This process may include trainings (good for kick-off), journaling, coaching circles, prototypes, individual coaching, personal readings and exercises, etc.

The history of mankind might be described by a cynic as a series of splendid expeditions towards the wrong goal or towards no goal at all, led by men who have all the gifts of leadership except a sense of direction, and every endowment for achieving their ends except a knowledge of ends worth achieving.  Sir Richard Livingstone

My views on the subject have been greatly impacted by my personal experience following the U.Lab, a learning journey developed by Otto Scharmer at the MIT. I invite you to attend one of the upcoming journeys (link). It is a “shifting” experience, combining readings, videos with live hubs and coaching circles over a period of 6 weeks.

Link to:

  • Change & Neuroscience
  • The Collaboration Canvas

Micro trainings on specific tools:

  • Change Journey
  • Change Setter (permis?)

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