The Collaboration Canvas

More and more, our new modes of working and operating involve a high level of collaboration. But it appears that collaboration is more difficult than it seems at first glance and, passed the first excitement of a new collaboration, sometimes quiet quickly problems appear between the people involved. The « Collaboration Canvas » is an easy tool to use aimed at ignating collaboration while addressing at the same time some more deep dimensions needed to a good collaboration.

The Collaboration Canvas


The canvas adresses the following themes :

  • Sense making dimensions
    • Purpose
    • Personal motivations
  • Action based dimensions
    • Social architecture
    • Governance & habits
    • Interactions
    • Trust
  • Enabling dimensions
    • Virtual environment
    • Physical environment
    • Feedback loop
    • Skills development


  • Understanding the various dimensions that interact in collaboration
  • A simple tool to use by a team
  • A tangible output at the end of a session



I propose basically 2 « formats » :

  • A workshop of ½ day : it is the simple format that will produce after one session a tangible output that enables a team to start its collaboration or to improve it. The priority is given to the deliverable at the end of the workshop.
  • A training of 2 days : the underlying concepts as well as several supporting tools are developed. This training will enable the participant to implement themselves the Collaboration Canvas and to use it at its full potential.

You will find the detailed canvas on the following site, enjoy 🙂

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