Our Mission

Changing World has a mission to facilitate transformation in individuals, organizations and society to forster a better World, a Changing World. We truly believe in the transformational capacity of everybody, life is change and the world is in constant change. We believe in the power of « spaces », ie. places that inspire, and in « hosting », ie. safe environments, to allow the emergence of new paradigms. In order to evolve deeply, we need to get rid of some old paradigms and this requires specific social technologies. We also believe in the importance of the interior condition of an intervenor, as an ambassador, as a catalyst for change. Cultivating this inner mindset initiates a ripple effect for the change we want to see.


What we do


We facilitate workshops, from a few people up to 300 people.


We organize workshops around tools for change : « Change and Neuroscience », « The Collaboration Canvas », « Teal Organizations, step by step », etc.

Individual Change

We offer a journey towards more meaning and motivation to small groups. The journey spreads over 4 months and 7 1/2day workshops. -> Sense+

Organisational Change

We help organizations with transformational journeys, mainly cultural and we promote new types of governances. -> Nautealus.

Societal Change

We connect and support people working to create a welcoming and sustainable city based on deep human values. -> Reinventing Brussels