U.Labx Prototype Camp

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In March 2015, at the end of the last U.Lab session , the idea emerged of launching a local prototype bootcamp in Belgium, inspired by the event in Boston that would take place end of October 2015. So we decided to create a Belgian U.Labx Prototype Camp.

The Camp was designed to connect people from the emerging U.Lab community (mostly in Belgium), to bring together people who have a prototype and want to bring it to a next level and to envision and explore the journey ahead.

Prototype Camp from Vincent De Waele on Vimeo.

We are very thankful for the support of several persons. Ria Baeck, Marie-Hélène Elleboudt and An Baert for the facilitation and Paul Biesbrouck for the catering. The location is really great for this kind of event, « Château Cortils« , at one hour drive from Brussels.

Warm regards,

Ingrid De Bock, Koen Dumont & Vincent De Waele

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