Oikocredit is a worldwide cooperative and social investor, providing funding to the microfinance sector, fair trade organizations, cooperatives and small to medium enterprises.

I have invested substantially in Oikocredit for several years now. The reason I choosed for Oikocredit is that it is one of the organisations with the best Social Performance Reports I know. This is for me a kind of « insurance » that the investments I make contribute socially, ethically and environmentally to a better world. Oikocredit has developed over 40 years a strong network of over 800 partners worldwide. It is also investing every year in Capacity Building of its partners.


The Belgium subsidiary has the following activities:

  • communication and advocacy around Socially Responsible Investments
  • collecting funds for Oikocredit International
  • facilitating a belgian partner platform about Renewable Energy for the Developing World

More information

If you have an interest for Oikocredit, you may visit the following sites:

Investing in Oikocredit

If you’re interested in investing ethically, I can only highly recommend Oikocredit. It is very secure as it has continually paid a dividend of 1 to 1,5% over more than 40 years, whatever financially crisis hit the banking sector. You can easily get a refund, so no long term engagement (although we prefer long term engagements). It is ethical and sustainable and your get a detailed social performance report. So many reasons to invest. Investing is very easy, go to the website, fill in the data and that’s it (Beleggen in Oikocredit, Investir en ligne).