• How tolerant are we for different personalities? Are we aware of our intolerances?
  • How do I cope with multiple personalities?
  • How do we tackle potential stress in the group?
  • How would you rate the listening level of the group? Could you discuss how to improve it?
  • Do we ensure everybody is involved and is participating?
  • Do we know which conflicts to solve and how?

Journaling – Intolerances

  • Am I aware of my tolerances which are activated in this collaboration?
  • Do I try to tackle them? How?
  • Are we defining together shared values & behaviours?
  • Did we identify behaviours we won’t accept in this group?

Journaling – Stress

  • By how much am I conscious of my stress?
  • Which strategies could I use to quickly reduce my stress level “on the spot”?
  • How would be my life if my stress level would reduce substantially?

Journaling – Listening

  • What could I do to improve my listening skills?
  • What would be the benefits of it?
  • In meeting, what could we do together to boost listening?

Tools for listening

  • Heard, Seen, Respected (HSR)
    • A tool to foster the empathetic capacity of participants to “walk in the shoes” of others
  • Appreciative Interviews (AI)
    • In less than one hour, a group of any size can generate the list of conditions that are essential for its success.

Tools for problem solving

Tools for conflict resolution

  • In a traditional workplace, people often raise the dispute to a boss to settle the matter. In self-managing organizations, disagreements are resolved among peers, often using a conflict resolution process. Consult this page to find out more about tools for conflict resolution.

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