Feedback Loop

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A feedback process is key for any organization, team or person to learn, but as it is stated in the following paragraph (Frédéric Laloux, « Reinventing Organizations »), some cultures are better in this:

« In many organizations, the feedback process fails often because it comes from a place of fear, judgement and separation. Feedback given from love, acceptance and connection is a nourishing experience that allows people to gauge where they are and work out collaboratively what they need to do next. Efficient feedback facilitates growth and enables people to align themselves with what the organization needs and what they are good at.
Teal organizations are high on trust and low on fear. Being able to give effective feedback in this environment is a vital skill. Employees are often trained to use approaches such as Nonviolent Communication so that they can be mindful about their intentions and their practice when giving feedback. » (link)


  • Is there a culture of feedback?
  • How could we evaluate our team performance?
  • When do we evaluate and discuss our team performance?
  • Is there a structural feedback loop (like in Scrum)?


  • Can I identify a context, a moment where a feedback loop would benefit the group?
  • What kind of feedback loop could I imagine?
  • What hinders me to propose it?



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