Creative new collaboration spaces

It can be amazing how creative one can be when confronted to a major challenge. Take the example of a library. You would think that most libraries are going to close in the medium term because of digitalization?

Well, read the example below:

This new library had 100.000 visitors the first two months!

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 18.08.55

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Now, this also shows a very nice showcase of creative space that promotes interaction & collaboration, especially 2 specific initiatives:

« The library is also a Seats2meet (S2M) location where patrons are empowered to help one another in exchange for free, permanent, coworking space, and they utilize the S2M Serendipity Machine to connect library users in real-time ».

Spaces (in a broad sense) may have a substantial impact on collaboration, let’s be conscious of this.

How a New Dutch Library Smashed Attendance Records

Link to the article

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 19.01.28

How to connect with others

In any collaboration, it is of paramount importance to connect with the people involved. While many times underestimated, feeling connected means judging less the others, feeling empathy, consider the other as a « human » being. There are many reasons why we don’t work on this: no time, not important, too complicated, …. It seems that a powerful and extremely easy way is to just watch each other for 4 minutes. Ready to test it?

Here’s What Happened After 6 Couples Were Asked To Look Into Each Other’s Eyes For 4 Minutes (Click for the full article onThe Huffington Post)