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The context

In the current context, more and more people will have to work until they are over 65 years old. Pensions are becoming a burden too heavy to carry for any Western state, life expectancy has grown from 65 in the years 1950 to 82 nowadays, but also an increasing part of senior people are feeling fit and ready to stay professionally active (cfr. Deloitte).

At the same time, the Gallup survey on employee engagement shows that in most companies, engagement is low. According to this survey, only 13 percent of the global workforce is “highly engaged”. More than half of the workforce would not recommend their employer to their peers. All this in times where engagement is becoming more and more the main source of creativity and agility. (cfr. Gallup)

« How can organizations keep their senior employees engaged? »

This is becoming a challenge for most HR Managers. One of the options we want to present here are the « Sense+ Circles ».


Listen to this Podcast presenting the concept (in French):

« Sense+ » is a reflection oriented space created to bring together 6 to 8 people in the later stage of their active working life. It is inspired by the work by the following fields of knowledge

  • Theory U by Otto Scharmer
  • The Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach
  • The work by Diane Doyon called « Career Legacy Circles« , by . You will find more information about this on her website.

The process aims to develop two new bodies of knowledge: knowing how to remain motivated while staying and knowing how to leave feeling satisfied of one’s achievements. It implies, among other things, wrapping up commitments and transmitting one’s professional legacy.

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Through this process, participants seek two goals:

  1. Maintaining a Work-Life balance: i.e. preventing burnout, increasing motivation and avoiding obsolescence at work.
  2. Preparing for leaving the workforce, maximizing the legacy they leave behind and increasing the sense of their work.

The process

The process is structured as follows:


Further to an initial meeting, participants are involved in a process that includes 7 three-hour sessions held every two to four weeks which, seen from the perspective of a potential legacy, provides them with:

  • a retrospective of their journey;
  • a prospective for a meaningful final career stage;
  • an action plan for completing what needs to be done and for taking charge of their Work-Life trajectory.

The whole process is starting with inner reflection and then building on what emerges.


During the process, the dynamics within the group is a key trigger for reaching the participants’ goals. Along the process, several tools are used to help the participants which they can easily continue to use after the whole process.

One month after the last session, a one hour one-on-one session with the facilitator allows each member of the Sense+ Circle to conclude their process.

« Sense+ » may be initiated inside or outside your company.

More information on the dedicated website of Sense+ !

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